Quality of Materials

  • Natural materials have slightly varying textures, colors, cracks, some black spots, and shapes;
  • Gold Filled is not easily faded, but it will oxidize and must be cleaned (only the gold-coated portion can be cleaned; the gold-plated portion cannot be cleaned).
  • Gold-plated accessories lose their color over time, and fading is irreversible. Keeping out of the water and avoiding body washes and chemicals can help you live longer. Jewelry should be handled with care to avoid sharp objects, sweat corrosion, and contact with chemicals that cause and accelerate oxidation. Color retention is determined by individual wearing habits and maintenance.
  • Because 925 sterling silver earrings are relatively soft, if they become bent during shipping, simply straighten them gently. Individual physiques vary, and the silver material will vulcanize and blacken to varying degrees during the wearing process. It is easily removed with a silver-wiping cloth or silver-washing water.


  • We understand how much you treasure your jewels. So we've created a simple checklist to ensure that your favorite can shines through every time.
  • Keep in mind your enemies: moisture, perfume, water, sweat, makeup, sunscreen, and anything liquid or containing harsh chemicals!!!
  • Remove them before engaging in any workout or physical activity to protect them from additional knocks. And, to avoid inadvertent damage, do not wear them while sleeping.
  • Clean your jewelry with a jewelry cleaning cloth once in a while to keep it appearing shiny. To avoid scratches on the metal, rub only in one direction. To maintain the natural brightness of gemstones and pearls, delicately clean the surface with a soft, wet cloth while holding it in place.
  • Keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight and warm locations, preferably in a padded jewelry box or separate airtight plastic bags. Never use rubber containers since they can cause faster tarnishing and cause the jewelry to discolor. Under no circumstances should you store your jewelry in a bathroom or any other humid area.
  • If tarnishing occurs, combine a small amount of soap with tepid water and gently rub the item with a gentle toothbrush. Important: gold-plated goods must be handled with particular care. Rubbing too forcefully may result in plating loss. It is therefore critical that you proceed with caution in order to avoid any damage. If your jewelry has become darkened over time, a silver-polishing cloth is an excellent tool for restoring its luster. This technique, however, will not remove any scratches or dents from the jewelry.